Sunday, November 27, 2011

Baby's Nursery

I've always loved to do arts and crafts.
I think it's my mom's influence. When I was little she was always working on some DIY project.

When I started decorating my baby's nursery I couldn't find any crib bedding set I fell in love with, so I decided to decorate with things I liked, whether there'd be a theme or not in the end.

So these are the little projects that gave the nursery the "feel" I was looking for:

Rag Flowers

I like how playful it looks and I love the colors!

I used a silky and very thin fabric.
(Find the tutorial here)

Pillow + Flowers

For the flowers I used the cheapest and thinest kind of cotton fabric as opposed to the regular 100% cotton because I didn't want the edges to be very sharp. I had an oversized organic t-shirt I used on the back of the pillow, so it feels VERY soft, and I made the pillow form with another oversized t-shirt I had. On the sides I opted to leave it seamless so I tied 2 bows on each side to make it cuter and it's easy to take it off to wash it.
(Find the tutorial here)

Felt Birds

I'm making more of these birds! Maybe a crib mobile?
They're just so cute and there're lots of cute patterns online!

Felt Frame

Very simple. That's the look I was looking for.
Same fabric as the pillow flowers.


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