Monday, November 21, 2011

Old Window Project

I love old windows! They are so charming for some reason. This one I found is unique to me. I don't see it very often. So I decided to do a little make over to it and add a little personal touch.

Here's how the window looked like when I got it.

As much as I wanted to keep to original look, there were a few things that were bugging me. So I decided to give a coat of paint without taking away the "antique look" of it. First my wonderful supportive husband sanded a little bit for me (being pregnant, I didn't want to take chances with old lead dust around me). 

I added a coat of white acrylic paint then I distressed it a bit with stain. I wanted to use fabric behind the window pane. So I found this really cute one. Brown and red with birds. Perfect. Just like looking out of the window :) Here's the finished project. Great addition to my living room. I love it! 


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